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The Nutrition Instincts Show + Eating Disorders Unpacked Podcast

Our team is involved in two podcasts to offer support when you need it most in a casual, open format. The Nutrition Instincts Show is a video podcast of our team of dietitians answering your most common questions when it comes to nutrition care for an eating disorder or selective eating disorder. Eating Disorders Unpacked is a podcast hosted by Alyson Lischer – marriage and family therapist and owner of Whole Space Family Therapy and Lindsay Stenovec – registered dietitian and owner of Nutrition Instincts, Inc. You’ll hear Alyson and Lindsay in an open dialogue about the realities of eating disorder care and family feeding through a parenting and experienced provider lens. These shows are here when you’re up at midnight googling what to do after finding out your child has an eating disorder. Now you can stop googling and get the information you need to make the care decisions that are most supportive to you.

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