Setting Nutrition Examples for Daughters

Mothers, Daughters and the ‘Thin Ideal’

There is no doubt that our culture is deeply entrenched in the drive for thin perfection. The message is so prevalent in our day-to-day lives that most of the time it doesn’t register in our conscious thoughts. As the video displays, the ‘thin ideal’ is customary in T.V. sitcoms and movies, advertisements for just about any product, magazine covers and your child’s on-screen role models. This video reminds parents that these messages exist everywhere. As a mother, you can equip your daughter with the ability to love her body in the shape and size it is meant to be. You must teach her that we are all defined by so much more than our outer appearance. The clip prompts you to talk to your daughter but you might be unsure of what to say. This “talk” can actually start with you learning to appreciate your own body – maintain a healthy relationship with food and refrain from openly participating in destructive behaviors such as dieting and body hatred. Modeling confidence and appreciation for your own body can go a long way with your daughter. Return to Nutrition Instincts Blog – Mindful Nutrition Advice for Women and Families for ways to be a truly healthy role model for your daughter.


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