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Specialized Registered Dietitian Nutritionists for Eating Disorder Treatment in San Diego & Online

Specializing in eating disorder treatment, ARFID, and picky eating in San Diego, our team of specialized Registered Dietitian Nutritionists is here to support you!

Our Training

  • Advanced Certifications

    Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians (CEDRD)

    Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC)

  • Master’s Level Registered Dietitians

  • Certified Intuitive Eating Counselors

  • Training in Motivational Interviewing

  • Trauma Informed

  • Training in Body Image Healing

  • Training in Diabetes Management

  • Training in Responsive Feeding & Steps + Approaches for Family Feeding & ARFID

Team Members:

Callie Holbrook sitting in a chair in an office



Callie Holbrook, MS, RDN


Hi, my name is Callie, I am a registered dietitian living and working in San Diego, CA. I grew up in Birmingham, AL but moved across the country a couple years ago to my now favorite city! I attended The University of Mississippi, earning a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Dietetics and Nutrition. I completed my Dietetic Internship and Masters in Nutrition Sciences at Samford University. I have worked in various levels of eating disorder treatment including residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient. During the practicum portion of my dietetic internship I had the opportunity to work in a residential eating disorder and substance abuse treatment facility. Through this experience I was introduced to an anti-diet approach to nutrition, Intuitive Eating, and Health at Every Size which fueled my desire to continue to work with individuals struggling with eating disorders and learn about the benefits of compassionate, weight inclusive care.

I currently practice nutrition therapy with a focus on Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size. I believe that everyone can reestablish a trusting relationship with their body, food, and movement. I fell strongly that everyone deserves access to compassionate and inclusive health care – regardless of weight, shape, color, size, orientation, disability, or disease. I strive to provide a space that helps individuals feel empowered to take care of their bodies without the influence of diet culture.

I value opportunities for continued growth in the field and am always looking to deepen my understanding of therapeutic modalities and interventions researched and recommended for the treatment of eating and feeding disorders. I have experience providing trauma-informed care and utilizing motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy as part of my nutrition counseling approach.

I am excited to get to know you and begin supporting you through recovery and towards a more freeing relationship with food, movement, and body image.

Professional Credentials and Certifications

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN) #86066664

Master of Nutrition Sciences (MS)

Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Nutrition and Dietetics (BS)



Photo of Lindsay Stenovec, owner of Nutrition Instincts San Diego Nutrition Therapy

Lindsay is the best. The compassion she showed me as her client is unparalleled in her field. By accepting me she helped me accept myself. The fact that she still wished to help me even after our sessions ended attests to her dedication to her purpose to inspire women to love their bodies and make peace with food. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to meet a healthcare provider that cares so much, and trust me I’ve met a lot of healthcare providers.

Picking up the phone to call Lindsay and set up my first appointment was the best decision I ever made. After years of trying to make peace with food on my own and failing, seeing Lindsay changed everything. I finally feel like I’m changing for the better.

Lindsay is patient, positive and passionate about her clients!

Thank you for pushing me when I wanted to give up. I am going to miss you a lot [when I move] but I will never forget your compassion and willingness to help with my recovery.

If you are looking for a caring and compassionate dietician who will help you find a healthier relationship with food, please, save yourself the trouble of trial and error, and go to Lindsay at Nutrition Instincts! I’m so proud of the progress I have made. I’m no longer rigid with my food, I eat the things I enjoy, and for the first time in my life, I’m playing with my food, trying new recipes, and ignoring the calorie counts that ruled my life for so long. My relationship with food right now is the healthiest it’s been in my whole life!

Lindsay Stenovec, MS, RD, CEDRD-S, CLEC


Hello! I’m Lindsay Stenovec and I’m the Principal Registered Dietitian and owner of Nutrition Instincts® San Diego Nutrition Therapy. My team and I provide nutrition counseling in the areas of eating disorders, intuitive eating, prenatal and postpartum wellness, diabetes, and family feeding coaching (including ARFID). We run a weight inclusive practice in alignment with Health at Every Size® principles. As a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor I strive to provide San Diego residents with evidence-informed, weight inclusive care for those suffering from eating disorders and various levels of disordered eating due to dieting. In 2015, I founded an online nutrition resource and coaching program for moms – Intuitive Eating Moms, which includes a body positive podcast, Embodied and Well Mom Show, and a wellness membership that cultivates body confidence, self-care and a healthy relationship with food for moms and families. I received my undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, completed my dietetic internship at California State University, Long Beach and completed my Master’s in Science degree in Nutritional Science at San Diego State University.

I speak regularly to professionals and parents on the topics of eating disorders, intuitive eating, child feeding, maternal self-care, pregnancy and eating disorders, and postpartum wellness. As an approved supervisor (CEDRD-S) with the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp), I offer professional supervision to Registered Dietitians and perinatal professionals.

My previous roles that continue to inform my current work included providing medical nutrition therapy for gestational diabetes, consulting for the government Head Start Preschool Program, teaching as an adjunct professor at a community college and being the lead dietitian for a PHP and IOP adult and adolescent eating disorder program. I provide trauma-informed care and have counseling training in motivational interviewing, somatic nutrition therapy, internal family systems, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy – which are therapy modalities that inform the care I provide and adapt for nutrition therapy purposes while remaining within a dietitian’s scope of practice. I thoroughly enjoy living in San Diego with my husband and 3 sweet and wild boys!

Professional Credentials and Certifications

Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD)
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD/RDN), # 1007650
Master of Science in Nutrition Sciences (MS)
Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences (BS)
Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC)

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