Hello, me…

One of my patients drafted this recently and I received permission from her to post it for all of you. Inspirational!

Hi, body. You’ve been through a lot this past year.

Restricting, restoring, restricting, restoring.

I know I messed you up because you’re telling me through the speed of my metabolism.

I’m trying to accept you. But I still need to mourn the loss of my old body. And through that I can finally welcome my new curves. I guess this is my way of trying to do both simultaneously.

My thighs never used to touch. Well, now they do. Goodbye, thigh gap. Hello, sexy thighs and legs. They’re womanly.

Goodbye, hipbones. Hello hips. And I will not refer to them as “hip squish.” They are my new hips. They will make childbearing so much easier. And they’re a nice handle, too (;

Hello, stomach. You are full because I fed you nutrients today. You will take those nutrients and turn it into energy for me to feel emotions, concentrate in class, and not feel dizzy constantly. These pros outweigh (pun intended haha) what used to be a flat stomach. Goodbye, visible abs.

Goodbye, stick arms. Hello, well, arms! The extra layers of muscle and fat make it so I am not cold 24/7.

Hi boobs! You are much perkier now. When I was in my ed-weight, you were not so luscious. So. HELLOOOOO, BOMBSHELL. Kinda. I know I’m still small, but trust me, they were smaller before.

Hello, energy! I have a lot more energy when I’m eating. Goodbye, tiredness. Goodbye, isolation. Goodbye, suicidal thoughts.

Goodbye, body. Hello, me.



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