Supervision for Dietitians

Do you find yourself…

  • Worrying that you don’t “know enough” when counseling clients with eating disorders?
  • Unsure where to go next with clients?
  • Feeling “freezy” and overwhelmed about what to focus on and where to start when clients have a lot going on?
  • Experiencing strong emotions in response to clients and their stories and you’re wondering if this is the field for you?
  • Feeling a bit panicked when the “right question” isn’t coming to mind?
  • Worrying that you’re burning out or how to prevent burnout from happening again?

You’re not alone! You need supervision!

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Watching other dietitians grow in their skills, increase their confidence and succeed in business lights me up.

I’ve spent over 14 years growing my private practice into a group practice and 6+ years offering supervision to dietitians in and out of my team. Working in the eating and feeding disorder field can be challenging. Combine that with the last couple of years and it’s a recipe for burnout. Supervision can decrease our risk for burnout, strengthen our counseling skills, increase our self-awareness, help us feel seen and give us the resources and support we need to show up grounded and ready to hold space for our clients.

I also know many of you own your own businesses and understand firsthand how challenging it can be. While supervision isn’t business coaching, the way you run your business can show up in the room with your client and thus some aspects of business and money are important to process with a supervisor. Through many ups and downs, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) what it means to run a sound business that centers a client’s needs for safety, support and a space to grow in their recovery – all while maintaining healthy boundaries and making sure we’re considering our own needs as individuals and business owners.

I offer both individual and group supervision and am an IAEDP approved supervisor. I can help you work towards getting your CEDS/CEDRD certification if that’s your goal. My specialties include eating disorders (all ages and diagnoses), intuitive eating, prenatal and postpartum nutrition/intuitive eating, child feeding, and feeding disorders (ARFID). I’ve also been providing wt-inclusive care since 2009.


Supervision Group for Dietitians

Eating Disorders, Maternal Health & Child Feeding

Seeking a nurturing space to refine your skills as a dietitian in the realms of eating disorders, maternal health, and child feeding? This supervision group is a space for professionals like you, encouraging personal growth and celebrating individual strengths.

What to Expect

  • Gentle Guidance: Join a group led by a seasoned professional who understand the intricacies of our field. With gentle guidance the intention is to empower you to trust and build upon your own practice and inner knowing.
  • Personalized Support: Embrace a supportive atmosphere where your specific challenges and triumphs are acknowledged. Lindsay is committed to helping you navigate your journey with compassion and care.
  • Collaborative Community: Connect with fellow dietitians who share your passion. Our collaborative environment fosters a sense of belonging, encouraging you to share and learn from each other.
  • Celebrate Your Uniqueness: We celebrate the diversity of skills within our community. Our aim is to help you flourish by embracing your individual strengths and insights.

This supervision group is designed to honor and nurture your unique expertise. Elevate your confidence, gain fresh perspectives, and make a positive impact on your clients’ lives.

Ready to embark on a supportive journey of professional growth? Scroll down to learn more and register!

This group is for you if…

  • You have another specialty but keep getting referrals for clients with eating disorders and you want to be able to support them
  • You’d like to expand your practice to support families with child feeding difficulties
  • You’d like to implement responsive feeding practices when working with families of young children and people with ARFID
  • You want to deepen your practice in nutrition counseling and eating disorders
  • You’re hoping to grow a practice in women’s health and eating disorders

If you’re a student or intern I’m opening up 1-2 student spots to observe and learn. Contact me directly if you’re interested.

Details & Dates:

  • 8 Virtual Group Supervision Sessions + Group Chat Between Calls
  • 8 x Thursdays 11-12:15pm PST, February – April 2024


  • February 1st 11am PST/2pm EST
  • Feburary 15th 11am PST/2pm EST
  • February 29th PST/2pm EST
  • March 7th 11am PST/2pm EST
  • March 21st 11am/PST/2pmEST
  • March 28th 11amPST/2pm EST
  • April 4th 11amPST/2pm EST
  • April 25th 11amPST/2pm EST

We will review 1 core case per group. Each participant will take turns sharing one case. Any additional time will be used to review another related case and/or explore themes or important core topics that came up in the supervision discussion.

  • Some themes that we commonly explore are:
    • Knowing vs. being – how to step out of our drive to provide information and sink into the relationship
    • Overwhelm, frustration and annoyance – why you’re feeling it and how to move through it
    • Why our counseling training in Motivational Interviewing is leaving us frozen and how to get unstuck
    • Boundaries – maintaining a healthy relationship with your clients that honors your and their boundaries
    • The initial assessment – how to hold space and begin developing rapport and how to navigate overwhelm that may come up
    • Tricky situations – feelings, misunderstandings or disagreements about approach, cancellations, etc…
  • Collective Discussions & Case Reviews – you’ll be invited to contribute, share, ask questions and offer support to your peers.
  • All cases will center around eating disorders, maternal health and child feeding (including ARFID) and I will share any helpful resources I’ve created when relevant
  • Small group of 6 participants max
  • There will be a group chat available to connect with group members between calls.

Student Spots Available:

  • For all active students who are not currently seeing clients. Dietitians must use the dietitian link regardless of student status.
  • Students are welcome to join in on the supervision groups to observe only. Students will not be sharing cases.

What past group members are saying…

“I would definitely recommend this supervision group! I really enjoyed hearing and learning about different cases from newer dietitians. I love seeing the different counseling styles and I learned so much seeing how people approached cases. I would definitely sign up for another round of group supervision!”

“I learned a lot- will recommend to others and really liked how we were all from different parts of the country, just added to the different perspectives available.”

“Very supportive and inclusive– never felt uneasy speaking up or sharing.. everyone was so nice and helpful.”

Enroll Now:

$520 One Time Payment


Three payments of $174

Student rate – $75 one time payment

Special Discount from EDRD Pro

EDRD Pro is generously extending a $25 discount on their Eating Disorder Fundamentals Course! Receive a code upon registration.

Individual Supervision for Dietitians

  • 1:1 supervision for 30 or 60 minutes – $99 for 30 min or $175 for 60 min
  • Option to pair up in a group of 2 – $99/hour (this still counts towards an hour of individual supervision towards your CEDRD/CEDS)
  • Lindsay is an Iaedp approved supervisor (now called “Iaedp Approved Consultant) who can sign off on your practice and supervision hours.

Pursuing the CEDRD (or CEDS) Iaedp Credential

  • As an Iaedp approved supervisor, Lindsay is able to be your approved supervisor and sign off on your practice and supervision hours. In order for Lindsay to be your assigned supervisor and verify hours directly in iaedp’s Certification Application Platform, you must be:
    •  Working with Lindsay 1:1 on at least a monthly basis.
    • Tracking your own hours
    • Tracking changes to the CEDRD credential that Iaedp enforces
    • Group supervision – Up to 50% (max 12 hours) of your required supervision hours may be in the form of group supervision. If engaging in group supervision, I can sign off on those hours during our active group. Anything beyond that would require regular individual supervision.Please note that a dyad (group of 2) counts as an individual session and Lindsay offers this to improve access to individual supervision.
    • If you plan to pursue the Iaedp credential and have me as your supervisor, please let me know so you can sign the iaedp-specific agreement.

Supervision & Business Support for Dietitians in Private Practice

This group is designed to provide supervision for cases and support for private practice ownership (and all of the ways those two things intersect)!

This group is for you if:

  • You see clients with eating disorders or want to see more clients with eating disorders and want regular supervision and case consultation to grow your skills and confidence
  • You see families of children with feeding challenges or want to see more of these cases and want support with offering a responsive feeding approach
  • You are noticing that scheduling, money and communication issues with clients are impacting your clinical practice
  • You wish you had regular opportunities to “pick someone’s brain” about private practice challenges, strategies growth, boundaries, etc…

Lindsay has 14+ years in private practice (both solo and group) and working in the eating disorder and family feeding fields. She has provided supervision to dietitians since 2016 and has engaged in supervision trainings with Fiona Sutherland and Lisa Pearl.


1st Tuesday of each month from 1:00pm-3:00pm PST (unless otherwise noted)

We’ll spend 1 hour on case consultation and 1 hour on business consultation. If the group decides on a different format to cover cases and business consultation we will be flexible!

Please note: The supervision group is recorded. You must be present in order for your case to be discussed. Group members have access to the recordings for 30 days. There are no refunds for missed groups.


  • Cost: $150/month
  • You can register for 3 months or choose a 1 month drop in to check it out!

Our Next Group is: TBD

This monthly membership is an opportunity to receive regular supervision with the option of joining for 3 months at a time. For flexibility, you can join for 3 months or 6 months. Please contact us at if you have any questions!

Hear from other dietitians thriving in practice

Lindsay came highly recommended by two other dietitians for supervision. I had no idea how badly I needed supervision, and specifically with Lindsay until I started working with her! Within my first few sessions, I felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders and much more empowered in doing the work I do with clients. Lindsay has a way of understanding exactly what I’m struggling with at any given moment, and providing practical, comprehensive support that instantly makes sense. I swear I come to her with things I think, “there’s no way anyone can help me with this!” and then sure enough, Lindsay does! I’m so beyond grateful I found her. She is so warm, welcoming, generous, supporting, and encouraging. She has helped me feel totally equipped to work with the types of clients I always wanted to, but didn’t trust myself with because so much of this work we don’t (or at least I didn’t) learn in school. She keeps reminding me I have way more answers than I think I do and is helping me trust myself more and more while guiding me along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Lindsay for supervision – you’ll be so glad you did!

I can’t say enough positive things about working with Lindsay. Her supervision and feedback have been so valuable, both to me and my clients. She is patient, non-judgmental, and an excellent listener. Her responses to my questions are always so insightful, and I’ve continued to use her advice months later. I always leave feeling incredibly supported and confident that I am doing what is best for my clients.

Lindsay’s advice and expertise have been immensely helpful to me over the last decade.  I admire her impeccable work and her dedication to being a positive voice in a society driven by diet culture and weight obsession. As a mentor, Lindsay truly desires to help other business professionals gain the insight and knowledge they need to help their clients on their journey to recovery. I appreciate her savvy business skills and enthusiasm to re-define health in today’s world. I am so grateful to call Lindsay a friend, mentor, and a colleague in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Software and Tools

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