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Business Support & Supervision for Dietitians

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Hey there! I’m Lindsay! Looking for support in your work with clients? I’m your gal!


Watching other dietitians grow in their skills, increase their confidence and succeed in business lights me up.

I’ve spent over 13 years growing my private practice into a group practice and 6+ years offering supervision to dietitians in and out of my team. Working in the eating and feeding disorder field can be challenging. Combine that with the last couple of years and it’s a recipe for burnout. Supervision can decrease our risk for burnout, strengthen our counseling skills, increase our self-awareness, help us feel seen and give us the resources and support we need to show up grounded and ready to hold space for our clients.

I also know many of you own your own businesses and understand firsthand how challenging it can be. While supervision isn’t business coaching (scroll way down for those services), the way you run your business can show up in the room with your client and thus some aspects of business and money are important to process with a supervisor. Through many ups and downs, I’ve learned (and continue to learn) what it means to run a sound business that centers a client’s needs for safety, support and a space to grow in their recovery – all while maintaining healthy boundaries and making sure we’re considering our own needs as individuals and business owners.

I offer both individual and group supervision and am an IAEDP approved supervisor. I can help you work towards getting your CEDS/CEDRD certification if that’s your goal. My specialties include eating disorders (all ages and diagnoses), intuitive eating, prenatal and postpartum nutrition/intuitive eating, child feeding, and feeding disorders (ARFID). I’ve also been providing wt-inclusive care since 2009.

Dietitians I work with…

  • Feel more confident and ready to support clients no matter what stage in the healing and recovery process they’re in
  • Can take on higher acuity clients
  • Experience better client retention
  • Fill their schedules faster
  • Feel less stuck even when their clients aren’t able to make changes
  • Know how to coordinate with other providers effectively to improve care and increase referrals
  • Have tangible activities and approaches to use in sessions from modalities like ACT, CBT, DBT, RO-DBT, basic somatic nutrition therapy, Responsive Feeding when working with children/teens/families)
  • Understand what it means to practice with awareness of trauma, how that may show up in the room and how to move towards a trauma-informed practice
  • Know how to set boundaries with scheduling and in communication with clients so that clients are getting their needs met while maintaining a manageable schedule/workload
  • Identify when their own nervous system is reacting in session and what to do about it
  • How to calmly and confidently prioritize needs of complex client cases
  • Feel seen, heard and supported
  • Get their CEDS/CEDRD faster due to fuller schedules and faster accrual of hours (if that’s a goal)
  • And so much more…

Dates & Times


Thursday, March 23rd 2-3pm PST

Thursday, March 30th 2-3pm PST

Thursday, April 6th 2-3pm PST

Thursday, April 20th 2-3pm PST

Thursday, April 27th 2-3pm PST

Thursday, May 4th 2-3pm PST

Thursday, May 11th 2-3pm PST

Thursday, May 18th 2-3pm PST


JOIN OUR WAIT LIST TO HEAR ABOUT OUR NEXT OPENING! (It will say “monthly” but I’ll also be notifying this list for future “emerging dietitian” supervision cohorts!

A maximum of 6 spots are available for each cohort.

$440 1 time payment OR 3 Payments of $147

Monthly Group Supervision Membership for Dietitians


Interested in growing your skills while also honoring your inner-knowing and exploring your practice in a supportive community?

Feeling on the verge of burnout and having trouble remembering why you chose this field in the first place?

Looking for a way to access consistent supervision without blowing your budget?

Interested in becoming CEDS certified and need an Iaedp approved supervisor?

Then this group is for you!

Held the first Thursday of each month from 9am-10:30am.


Please note: the group will run when a minimum of 3 people are registered. If we do not have our minimum registration you will have the choice between a refund or “extending” your credits to later dates.

This monthly membership is an opportunity to receive regular supervision with the option of joining for 3 months at a time. For flexibility, you can join for 3 months, 6 months or pay yearly. Please contact us at if you have any questions!


Individual Supervision for Dietitians

  • 1:1 supervision for 30 or 60 minutes – $90 for 30 min or $175 for 60 min
  • Option to pair up in a group of 2 – $99/hour (this still counts towards an hour of individual supervision towards your CEDRD/CEDS)
  • Scheduling 1 session per month consistently is recommended. Packages coming soon!
  • I can sign off on iaedp certification hours if meeting once per month

Diabetes Case Consultation

  • Do you have a client with diabetes and disordered eating? Our team member Madeleine McLean, RD, CDCES is a diabetes specialist who can offer consultation in the 30 or 60 minutes – $90 for 30 min or $165 for 60 min
  • Email to learn more and schedule a case consultation call!

Hear from other dietitians thriving in practice

Lindsay came highly recommended by two other dietitians for supervision. I had no idea how badly I needed supervision, and specifically with Lindsay until I started working with her! Within my first few sessions, I felt a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders and much more empowered in doing the work I do with clients. Lindsay has a way of understanding exactly what I’m struggling with at any given moment, and providing practical, comprehensive support that instantly makes sense. I swear I come to her with things I think, “there’s no way anyone can help me with this!” and then sure enough, Lindsay does! I’m so beyond grateful I found her. She is so warm, welcoming, generous, supporting, and encouraging. She has helped me feel totally equipped to work with the types of clients I always wanted to, but didn’t trust myself with because so much of this work we don’t (or at least I didn’t) learn in school. She keeps reminding me I have way more answers than I think I do and is helping me trust myself more and more while guiding me along the way. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Lindsay for supervision – you’ll be so glad you did!

I can’t say enough positive things about working with Lindsay. Her supervision and feedback have been so valuable, both to me and my clients. She is patient, non-judgmental, and an excellent listener. Her responses to my questions are always so insightful, and I’ve continued to use her advice months later. I always leave feeling incredibly supported and confident that I am doing what is best for my clients.

Lindsay’s advice and expertise have been immensely helpful to me over the last decade.  I admire her impeccable work and her dedication to being a positive voice in a society driven by diet culture and weight obsession. As a mentor, Lindsay truly desires to help other business professionals gain the insight and knowledge they need to help their clients on their journey to recovery. I appreciate her savvy business skills and enthusiasm to re-define health in today’s world. I am so grateful to call Lindsay a friend, mentor, and a colleague in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Business Coaching for Dietitians

For registered dietitians who specialize (or want to specialize) in eating disorders, intuitive eating and child feeding disorders. Support and consultation for solo and group private practice owners.

Business Coaching Intensives

Who I can help

  • Solo practice owners who are considering starting group practices and want someone to walk them through it.
  • New group practice owners who want to set up a strong foundation before scaling
  • Group practice owners who have realized that they’re taking home LESS, not more, after starting a group and need to make some changes
  • Group practice owners looking for systems support to streamline the inquiry process, onboarding, client follow up and more

Business topics I can support you with include…

    • Starting a private practice
    • Determining your niche
    • Setting appropriate business and client boundaries so that you can create a sustainable and rewarding practice
    • Determining rates
    • Setting up systems in your practice/selecting software/EHR programs that improve productivity in business
    • Navigating cash pay and insurance (I’m not THE insurance expert but run a practice that is both cash pay and takes insurance)
    • Starting a group private practice
    • Running a sustainable group practice that offers a positive work environment for employees while also meeting your needs as the owner
    • Much more!

Coaching Intensive

  • 3 month package
  • 3 -60 min business coaching sessions with me to strategize, plan, ask questions, etc…
  • Voxer support in-between
  • $3,000 (payment plans available)

Why should I consider a 3 month group intensive?

  • Most coaches are not offering this amount of individual time. While it’s a bigger investment than group options it also means that the time you spend in sessions is 100% focused on you and your business and personal needs. Every session will leave you with specific actions to take and help you grow and stabilize your practice faster.
  • I’ve been running a business for 13 years and a group practice for 6 years. When I started my group there were almost NO resources and very few RD run groups in the United States. I have made many mistakes and learned from them. I can help you avoid classic mistakes new group practice owners make that will save you thousands in time and money and make sure you’re growing a group that is sustainable for you and your team.
  • Maintaining a consistent pattern of business coaching will keep you focused on your goals and growth as business owner. One-off sessions are helpful but as we know, consistent support allows for you to build on specific cases, deepen your understanding of approaches (learn –> implement –> return to reflect and process –> implement –> repeat)
  • You’ll grow your skills and business faster resulting in a fuller schedule doing what you love
  • You can stick around for one intensive or sign up for many!

Software and Tools

Check out what I use to keep my nutrition private practice and online programs running smoothly

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