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A relational approach to feeding your family that is adaptive, connected, and realistic.
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We are passionate about providing child feeding support that considers the entire family unit, non-judgmentally supports parents and respects children as whole, valuable individuals. There is a lot of information out there and it can be difficult to know what’s right for your family and child – especially when your child seems to be refusing quite a few foods or is showing concerning patterns. We believe whole-heartedly that parents are the path to peaceful family meals and we’re here to support you with helping your child in a way that NEVER includes forcing, coercing, tricking or rewards/consequences for intake/lack there of.

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Families & Kids We Can Help…

  • Selective Eating (Often coined "picky eating")

  • Overeating, Sneaky Eating, Food Obsession

  • Kids and Teens Who Have Been Told They Need to Lose Weight but Family Wants a Better Approach

  • Kids and Teens Who are Showing Early Signs of Body Image and Food Concerns

  • ARFID: Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder

When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers. – Ellyn Satter

Our approach to feeding includes…

  • Responsive Feeding

    Responsive feeding is about decreasing pressure, creating supportive and positive feeding environments and nurturing curiosity and exploration at the pace of the child – rather than based on expectations and desires of a feeding team. Instead of starting with exposure work or pushing for increased intake, we take a deeper dive into the nuance of eating and feeding with you, the parent, at the center of the team.

  • Division of Responsibility

    The “gold standard” in feeding families has been Division of Responsibility (DOR), an approach created and researched by the renowned Ellyn Satter MS, RD, MSSW.  In the DOR approach, parents and kids have distinct responsibilities. Parents and caregivers are responsible for the what, when and where of feeding and kids are responsible for the how much and whether of eating. When parents feel good about doing their jobs and holding up their feeding responsibilities, children are able to feel calm and confident with their own eating responsibilities.

  • Weight Inclusivity

    We embrace all body sizes and types in our practice. We will never provide weight loss services to children or teens (or adults for that matter). We stand firmly in our belief that people come in all shapes and sizes and that all people deserve nutrition support that focuses on their needs and health over the idea that someone should be at a specific body size. Putting children and teens on diets/focusing on weight control has been shown to increase risk of disordered eating and eating disorders and does not even lead to “weight control” in the long term. If you’re interested, check out these videos & podcasts that dive into this topic more:  Poodle Science  Unpacking Weight Science

  • Parent Support

    A large part of our family feeding process rests in providing parents with the support and tools they need to feel calm and confident with feeding their child/family and having a safe place to discuss their challenges, concerns, stressors, etc…

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Lindsay is an experienced consultant to preschool and elementary school feeding programs. She has served as an educator to childcare providers and educators on feeding dynamics, Ellyn Satter’s division of responsibility, school wellness policies and more! To learn more about her trainings and services contact Nutrition Instincts today!

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