Many of my clients report the start of their eating disorder beginning with a diet – or “eating clean” or “eating healthier” or just trying to lose a few pounds “nothing too crazy.” As things shift during pregnancy, an eating disorder during pregnancy or an eating disorder postpartum isn’t uncommon. It’s hard to recover in a world that has such a backwards relationship with food.

I’m talking about any form of restriction, counting, monitoring that leads to you feeling hungry and not allowing yourself to eat. I’m talking about rigid, temporary eating plans that aren’t sustainable and leave you feeling out of control with food.

Eating Disorders During Pregnancy or Eating Disorder Postpartum

Experiencing life within a body that is changing shape due to pregnancy or with the postpartum period can be triggering. Eating disorder treatment, especially experiencing it during pregnancy or going through an eating disorder postpartum, can be scary.

If you are seeking treatment for the first time you may feel very confused and alone. If you are continuing treatment from a higher level of care, you might be nervous about leaving your treatment facility and deciding on a new treatment team to help you continue through the recovery process. Maybe you’ve been in recovery and are concerned about relapsing. Regardless of where you are at in your recovery, my team has the experience and training to continue to move you forward.

Working with Us

We understand the physiology, biology and psychology involved with an eating disorder. Keeping all three in mind when helping you with your eating and exercise is key. We’re here to support you in all areas.

If you’re experiencing thoughts or challenges around an eating disorder during pregnancy or an eating disorder postpartum, consider one of our support programs. This program will provide you with consistent, thorough support form well-trained dietitians who work closely with your treatment team and are 110% dedicated to your recovery.

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