Diet Not Working?

Dieting Not Working for You? You’re Not Alone!

If you called me to ask about my services and I told you there was a 95% chance that you would not be successful in our work together would you still decide to work with me? What if I said I would help you lose weight but that in 2-5 years (or less) you would regain the weight you lose and possibly gain even more? I highly doubt I would have a thriving business. Well guess what? Many people and corporations are making money off of this business model. Billions to be exact. Did you know that studies show that 95% of people who diet to lose weight will regain that weight back (and possibly more) within 2-5 years after the initial weight loss?

Many of my clients tell me stories about losing and regaining weight within several months to a year! They all feel it’s their fault. I want you to know it is not YOU who has failed. Your body is not designed to stay on a diet. I would imagine that most of you reading this could probably relate to this experience. I always say that if dieting worked it wouldn’t be a BILLION dollar industry. We wouldn’t need things like a “Lifetime Weight Watchers Membership,” and I would not have clients who have suffered through tens of hundreds of diets before landing in my office. Everyone in America would have dieted once, lost the amount of weight they wanted to lose, and have moved on with their lives.

Lately, what is even scarier for me, is that clients have been sharing that in their past attempts at medically supervised weight loss programs they are actually telling people upfront that they have a 95% fail rate! It doesn’t stop people from trying and I don’t blame them. In my opinion, this speaks so clearly to how tied we are to wanting the lose weight. It also speaks to the fact dieters feel they have been the problem all along – not the diets they’ve tried. They always think, “This time, it will be different. I won’t be so lazy and I won’t ‘cheat.’” It confirms, for me, that dieting and the pursuit of weight loss isn’t just about the literal weight on our bodies. It’s about so much more – stability, confidence, self-esteem, love, …fill in the blank… __________________. And if it is about health for you (or any of the things previously mentioned), that can start today, right now, without using weight as an indicator (which can be more of a barrier). More on that to come…


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