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Back to School Wellness Tips for Parents and Teens

Heading back to school? Learn 5 tips to keep your and your child's wellness in mind as they head back to school.
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Three Tips for Managing Gestational Diabetes

There is more than one way to manage Gestational Diabetes (GDM)…
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Non-Diet New Year’s Resolution Ideas

AUTHOR: Madeleine White, RD Associate Dietitian at Nutrition…
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Intuitive Eating While Traveling

AUTHOR: Maddie White, RD If you’re in the beginning of your intuitive eating journey, handling the curve balls of travel can seem daunting and uncertain. This post shares a few tips for stressing less about the food and making the most of your travels as an intuitive eater.
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I Have Gestational Diabetes, Now What Do I Do?

AUTHOR: Maddie White, RD We live in a society that values health, and where that picture of health is extremely narrowed. The stigma surrounding diabetes can be felt from nearly all angles – media, family, friends, and unfortunately – trusted healthcare providers2.
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Three Tips for Intuitive Eating with Diabetes

Some people thinking intuitive eating with diabetes is not possible. The truth is, intuitive eating is for everybody. Here are three ways you can begin to repair your relationship with food, your body and your diabetes - and begin to live intuitively.