What does anti-diet mean?

Wondering what all the "anti-diet" terminology used in todays culture means? We've broken down the most common phrases to provide insight!
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3 Tips for Challenging the Food Police with Intuitive Eating

Tired of the food rules that float around in your head? Learn 3 tips for challenging the food police by Andrea Kent, San Diego Dietitian.
3 people enjoying food with a text title "3 Tips for Honoring Your Health with Gentle Nutrition with Intuitive Eating"
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What to say when your teen has an eating disorder

Learning that your teen has an eating disorder can be a very difficult thing for a parent to hear. Here's some advice on what to say.
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3 Tips for Exercising as an Intuitive Eater

Unsure how to start exercising as an intuitive eater? Here are 3 tips from San Diego Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Counselor, Andrea Kent.
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Non-Diet New Year’s Resolution Ideas

AUTHOR: Madeleine White, RD Associate Dietitian at Nutrition…
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Intuitive Eating While Traveling

AUTHOR: Maddie White, RD If you’re in the beginning of your intuitive eating journey, handling the curve balls of travel can seem daunting and uncertain. This post shares a few tips for stressing less about the food and making the most of your travels as an intuitive eater.
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What is Intuitive Eating?

AUTHOR: Julia Chandler, Dietetic Intern We are all born…
I have gestational diabetes, now what do I do header photo for blog on nutrition instincts website

I Have Gestational Diabetes, Now What Do I Do?

AUTHOR: Maddie White, RD We live in a society that values health, and where that picture of health is extremely narrowed. The stigma surrounding diabetes can be felt from nearly all angles – media, family, friends, and unfortunately – trusted healthcare providers2.
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Can I avoid passing my food and body stuff down to my kids?

For the past ten years, I have had the privilege of sharing sacred…