Baby Eating Black Beans, Butternut Squash and Quinoa

Easy Peasy Black Bean & Butternut Squash Recipe for Mama and Baby

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Lately, I’ve been using this super simple lunch when we are low on food and time. This is one of those recipes you can make even when your kid is fussing and you’re scrambling to throw something together in as little time as possible! I know because I’ve done it many times! Early postpartum? Great for eating with one hand! Pregnant? This burrito is full of iron, fiber and folate. Best of all, it’s delish and if your child is eating solids, s/he can enjoy it right along with you. Enjoy!

 Kiddo Modifications:

If your child is new to solids – offer well-mashed butternut squash, black beans and goat cheese. Doing baby-led weaning? – I would not recommend offering quinoa at early stages unless it was pureed. A young baby is not going to be able to manage the teeny grains.

Older baby/toddler – offer all components with tortilla or pita on the side until child is developmentally ready to start practicing with a burrito or full pita. When I consulted for Head Start, we would offer our 18-24 month olds sandwiches, burritos, etc… fully intact and then let them decide how they wanted to eat them. Some would try to pick them up and others would take them apart. All versions are A-OK.

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